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Reiki is an energy healing modality, used to bring the highest and most beneficial energies available for healing and higher consciousness. Our owner is a Reiki Master and Teacher. This is simply part of who we are and so Reiki is used to clear all of our crystals and to amplify their natural energy. It is our beleif that crystals do pick up energy from their environment. We feel it often when going on adventures to find new crystals for the shop. We clear the crystal, only to bring it back to its natural balanced energetic state so those energies can help your body attune to that balance and higher state. We do not charge a fee for the Reiki. Our crystals are priced based on their quality, size, and frankly what we pay for them wholesale.

Reiki can never be used for harm and is not given by force. If you choose not to accept the Reiki, it will not flow to you. If you would like to accept the Reiki, hold your new stone in your hand and give Reiki the permission to flow to you.

With Love and In Service.

The answer to this may somewhat vary by type of crystal. We are actually working on a book to answer this question! But, here are some tips:

- Many crystals should not be stored in the sun: Amethsyt, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, and Optical Calcite are among them.

- Quartz based crystals should be ok to get wet, but many calcites and other minerals should not be stored in an area that they will be exposed to water.

-Do be very careful of quick temperature chages. While most crystals can handle a wide range of temperatures (given that they come from the Earth), fast temp changes can crack or damage your crystals. For example, running them under water that is too hot or too cold. Just make sure that you ise water that is of similar temperature to your crystal.

-Some love to carry their crystals with them. Be careful to keep your crystal in a protective pouch if you do so and make sure it does not bang against other hard items. This especially true of carvings.

-Dust and clear your crystals regularly with a polishing cloth or soft towel. We have explained clearing techniques in the next question.

There are many ways to keep the energy of your crystals clear. I suggest having fun while doing it because these are also good techniques to keep your own energy clear! Here are some of our favorite ways:

Music You can use singing bowls or singing bowl tones found online for free to play near your crystals to clear their energy.

Water For minerals that can get wet, running them under water with the intention of clearing their energy will clear your crystals.

Clearing Crystal Mist You can use a mist of Sage, Palo Santo, or my favorite, Rose to clear your crystals. Spray the mist around your crystals and yourself with the intention of clearing away all that does not serve your highest good. We sell these in our shop, but they are also widely available. Make sure the mist uses high quality esstial oils.

Energy Work & Visualization You can clear your crystals yourself by sitting quietly with your crystals, imagine a pure white light engulfing your entire body and clearing away all that does not serve you. Then exapand that light to include all your crystals. Continue until you feel that everything is pure, clear, and high energy.