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Leandro de Souza
 Leandro de Souza is the premiere crystal carver in the world today. He resides in Minas Gerais, Brazil. He became interested in stones as child. He became fascinated when he saw his first crystal carvings. These had such an impact on him that it sparked a passion and led to him working as an apprentice crystal carver from a young age. After years, his passion has only progressed to him  being a world renowned Master Carver. 
Leandro is involved in all aspects of the creative process. He sources the stones from mines in Brazil, which he visits and chooses the stone directly. His creative process begins while choosing the crystal. While he chooses the highest quality of crystal available on the planet, he is also a very strong believer in the energy of each stone. He searches for stone with a particularly high vibration. He asks each stone what it would like to be and carves it accordingly. He carves with a beautiful intention to activate higher consciousness and uplift those who become guardians of his carvings. He is a perfectionist in his carving, making sure every detail of the carving is exactly as it should be. Bringing out the most natural beauty and highest vibration of each sacred stone. We also use Reiki to further amplify and activate this intention for each carving we bring to you. In addition to the quality of stone and great beauty of his creations, it is this intention that sets Leandro's carvings apart from others we have experienced. This is why are honored we carry a wide variety of his carvings. We offer you many blessings as future guardians of Leandro's beautiful work.  
The progression of raw stone to Activated Crystal Skull
Leandro De Souza Crystal Skull Design
Leandro de Souza Crystal Skull Carving
Devine Master Skull Leandro de Souza
Leandro de Souza Master Carver
Devine Master Crystal Skull Leandro de Souza
"Devine" Lemurian Quartz with Actinolite Inclusions. Unveiled at the Tucson Gem Show 2020