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Covid-19 Updates

USA Shipping: Currently no delays due to Covid-19

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING UPDATE: We are currently only shipping via DHL or UPS Internationally because both are providing service without delay. We were seeing huge delays using the US Postal Service (up to 3 months). Until International flights resume, we will not ship via USPS internationally.


The onset of Covid-19 across the world has really made us think about how we always keep our employees and customer safe without adding to the fear and anxiety of the world. Although, the research that we have seen indicates that it would be highly unlikely to contract the virus through packages shipped, we are still practicing the below steps out of an abundance of caution. Beginning in February 2020, here are the steps we have and will be taking:

  1. All incoming crystals to our shop are quarantined for 2 weeks prior to being opened. Once opened, all crystals that can get wet are gently washed in soap and water (as was always the case).
  2. There will now only be one person handling and packing crystals for you. This person has chosen to stay in peaceful quarantine to keep all of our crystals pure and safe. 
  3. All are practicing social distancing and hand washing regularly.


If you are at high risk of catching or having complications from Covid-19, you could wipe down the outside of all packages you receive with disinfectant. Leave a few minutes to dry before opening.

You can be assured that the contents of any packages from us have been held to the strictest guidelines of purity. 

May you be well.